A report on the conclusions from our Electric Vehicles Investor Conference

Electric vehicles have been around for a very long time. In fact, the first auto race held in the United States in 1896 saw two electric vehicles (EVs) take first and second place, beating all three internal combustion engines (ICEs). Although it has taken over 100 years for the technology to resurface, it is now very certain that the automotive industry is destined to become electrified. But why now?

Enter the Newgate Communications’ (formerly Redleaf) Electric Vehicles Conference, focused on providing intelligent insights to strengthen investor understanding on the sector. We invited six industry experts to speak to investors, media and research analysts at an Electric Vehicles event on Wednesday 25th April 2018.

Our speakers and the topics they covered were as follows:

  • Chris Jones, Canalys – “Autonomous Vehicles”,
  • Stephen Irish, Hyperdrive Innovation – “Battery Technology”,
  • Keith Allaun, PowerHouse Energy Group – “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen”,
  • Jon Forster, Impax Environmental Markets – “An investor’s view”,
  • Tom Callow, Chargemaster – “Charging infrastructure in the UK” and
  • Paul McNamara, Williams Advanced Engineering – “The challenges of vehicle electrification”.

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