Newgate helps to bring the UK music industry together through successful #LoveMusic campaign

Newgate Communications helped to create a campaign for UK Music to support the music industry over the much debated EU Copyright Directive which led to a successful vote by MEPs this week (Wednesday 12).

The agency created and managed a  campaign using a butterfly icon to reflect the delicacy of the music industry ecosystem which is being exploited by some global tech giants.

The campaign, titled #LoveMusic, went live before the August Bank Holiday weekend. Digital campaign elements consisted of logos, social content, animations, and a microsite linked to an EU-wide petition. A busking event was arranged and held opposite Google’s London HQ, featuring artists including Newton Faulkner, Ed Harcourt and members of Blur and Suede, alongside politicians including Tom Watson MP.

The team also took the campaign to ON Blackheath festival last weekend to raise further awareness of the vote and what it would mean for artists and royalties.

The UK campaign dovetailed with an EU campaign, bringing approximately 5,500 new UK signatures to an existing petition. This led to the European Parliament voting to support the music industry over Article 13 and the Copyright Directive.

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