Letter from Berlin

By Leo Keutner, Kohl PR (Part of SEC Newgate)

Berlin is notorious for its cold winter; the days are short, while the nights are long and dark. It’s not for nothing that a certain feeling of isolation spreads during work at home and pandemics, especially since the streets are currently as if empty: Berlin has rarely been experienced like this.

 But as everyone knows, after darkness comes light – and there is now a vaccine for Covid-19. Vaccination has been underway in Germany since the end of December, although admittedly a little bumpy, as organizing the vaccinations is proving more difficult than previously thought. Nevertheless, the start of vaccination makes one optimistic: at the end of December, seniors over 90 were vaccinated, and it is currently the turn of those over 80. They are being driven to the vaccination centers in free cabs, and some are even being transported by soldiers from the Bundeswehr. A few newspaper articles report on their joy at finally being able to welcome their children and grandchildren again soon. The next step will be to vaccinate Berlin’s hospital staff and educators.

 Nevertheless, the situation in Berlin remains delicate, because the number of people infected is rising and remains alarming. All over Germany, therefore, the lockdown has recently been extended and its rule tightened. In Berlin all three warning lights have now been switched to red, which means that the reproduction rate of the virus is dangerously high and the number of intensive care beds is almost at capacity.

 So maybe it’s alright that it’s currently winter and sub-zero temperatures outside. At least you won’t miss much during the pandemic that you would have missed otherwise. Instead, you can look forward to the summer when the sun will finally shine again and perhaps the pandemic will finally be over. Who knows.