Serve the core audience or chase those going to other channels

The dilemma for broadcast media

Published on by Kai Störmer


“70% of ITV’s online traffic comes from Facebook.” (Alex Chandler, Senior Programme Editor at ITV)

“The average BBC Radio 4 PM audience is 57 years old.” (Roger Sawyer, Editor of Radio 4 PM/Broadcasting House/iPM)

“We are facing an editorial challenge and a consumption challenge.” (Jonathan Levy, Director of News-Gathering & Operations at Sky News)

Three different broadcast representatives, yet apparently very similar challenges: The broadcast media landscape in the UK is changing with ITV, BBC and Sky having to adapt their content packaging and newsroom set-up in the current “technology era”. The outlook for the future? Social media networks (or ‘bubbles’) won’t disappear, neither will a questioning audience who get their information from various channels, not all of them traditional news stations in the first place.  

The solutions? Content is still king. News stations are now hiring specialists in economics, technology and other areas of interest as well as more digitally-savvy graduates straight out of university. They are looking to turn the tide of decreasing audience numbers and rising average age audiences by offering viewers and listeners the analysis and context Brexit, Trump vs Hillary and other complex issues warrant. And rather than being battered by technology and web 2.0 they are looking to use technological developments to their advantage to create a new audience experience,  for example via 360 degree cameras.

Even 2,500 years on, Heraclitus still appears to have been spot on: “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.”


Kai Störmer

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Kai Störmer is an Account Director at Newgate, having joined in January 2014.

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