MEN Property Lunch 2016

A Look Back on the Year in Property

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PPS were among hundreds of top industry professionals who gathered at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on Wednesday 5th October to reflect on the year in property. The focus of the MEN Property Lunch was the need to take a pragmatic view to Brexit. Quite simply, it’s coming whether we like it or not and now we need to make it work.

Manchester Evening News editor-in-chief Rob Irvine’s tribute to Sir Howard Bernstein and his undoubtable contribution to the shaping of development in Manchester was well received by the room. He also nodded towards plans coming forward over the coming months including Gary Neville’s plans for Jacksons Row in Manchester City Centre.

The keynote speech was given by urban expert Wayne Hemingway, of Hemingway Designs, who held up the King’s Cross regeneration as a torch bearer that the North West should look to follow. He also stressed the need for companies to think smart about planning and approach their projects with an ‘independent spirit’ in mind.

What is clearly a concern to him is how people, and specifically young people, view the high street in today’s internet saturated market. He told attendees at the event about how one of his work colleagues had ordered hundreds of pig’s ears from Amazon because to buy from a pet shop would involve visiting the town centre which she found depressing.

A lot has changed in the market since Hemingway and his wife started building up design brand Red or Dead and any entrepreneurs in recent years have tended to flourish on online platforms. He himself admitted that one of his contemporaries Vivienne Westwood rented her first shop on the Kings Road for just £9 a day.

Despite this, he clearly approaches his designs with passion and true attention to the individual which is a principle that all could use when approaching regeneration.

Like Hemingway, we at PPS Group recognise the need to approach every development with passion and individualism. This is something we do every day in the form of community and stakeholder engagement, helping the North West achieve the development it deserves.

Ally Vivona

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