Newgate Chairman Runs his 12th Marathon

Virgin Marathon 2015

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Jonathan Clare, chairman of our sister company Newgate Communications, completed his 12th Marathon last Sunday. Here's his summary of the event:

Another year, another marathon in aid of Spinal Research to fund research programmes to find a cure for broken necks and backs – devastating injuries that paralyse people like my brother and put them in a wheelchair for life. I’m trying to keep warm in the cold when I see a woman walking towards me who looks very familiar.  She catches my eye and smiles.  Knock me  down with a feather – it’s Paula Radcliffe.  That augurs well for a great race. 

After a slow start – 50-odd seconds to get over the line – we’re off.  Celeste spots me at Tower Bridge but I miss her.  In previous years I’ve given her a quick kiss  to huge cheering, and her embarrassment. I’m pulling consistent miles at around 6 minutes 45 seconds and make halfway in less than 1.30.00. By mile 19 the speed is bleeding off though.  I’m only making around 7 minutes 15 seconds.  It’s decision time: try to pick the pace up but risk blowing up or pull back and run strong and consistently.  It’s the latter, and I cross the line in 3 hours 6 minutes and 5 seconds. Not bad for 60, and my third or fourth best time.

Spinal Research is a truly worthwhile cause. If you want to make a donation it’s not too late.  The website is:


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