Getting under the skin of a local community, mapping out the individuals and organisations that matter, and helping you get them onside, has never been more crucial.


'We take care of each other, support one another, & look out for our neighbours.' – M Honda

Deciding to go ahead with a project is one thing; securing funding is another.  Getting the buy in of the community where a new building is being constructed, or the understanding of an area where a factory is being closed down, is just as important.  Engaging with local people, institutions and organisations is a vital job for most businesses, a critical part of their licence to operate.

Our community engagement team includes the expertise of Newgate Engage, formerly known as PPS Group, founded in 1990 and the first company of its kind in the UK to focus exclusively on local community and political engagement.  We have unrivalled experience of working with communities up and down the country, helping housebuilders, developers, retailers and many others consult more effectively with communities and engage with local politicians and the media.

You may need a simple consultation process of exhibitions and meetings, or a multi-stage approach embracing web-based consultation, focus groups and workshops.  You may need to present a scheme to councillors, regional media and other local stakeholders, based on an understanding of the specific agendas that affect their views.  We are old hands at all of these tasks.

Our job is simple: to help you secure the on-the-ground support you need to be successful.

Results of the Newgate Planning Barometer Survey 2018