These days the reputation of any business is a vital weapon in the intense battle to attract customers, employees and supporters.

Newgate’s task is to anticipate change, create fresh ideas based on strong insights to connect, engage and influence an organisation’s key target audiences. 

Our thinking and activity is aligned totally with our clients’ corporate and business strategies, helping them achieve that distinctive positioning whilst enhancing and protecting their reputation and maximising their value.

Public relations professionals have been saying for years that a good corporate reputation is your permission to operate. Many companies paid no more than lip service to that argument, but there is now a myriad of examples which show that a good reputation or the lack of it is a key factor in the success or failure of any firm.

How can Newgate help?  We can help organisations define their position by identifying emerging trends and influential voices.  We research your competitive space and pinpoint areas where you can shine.  We know the most influential individuals and groups you should be communicating with through our in-depth knowledge of industry and all those who commentate on it.

This expertise means we develop precisely targeted messages that resonate. We help our clients articulate those messages in the most authentic way and through the right channels to appeal to those audiences. We get people talking, writing and sharing your ideas – and ultimately to support and endorse your point of view.  We also help clients respond to crises and issues when they arise.

Good reputation management means one thing: ensuring you have the most favourable environment possible, letting you achieve your ambitions.