No business can survive without access to funds; but if investors don’t understand why they should invest, they won’t. Newgate can help.


'If you want to reap financial blessings, you have to sow financially.' – Joel Osteen

From the credit crunch to the oil price shock via QE, the last few years have been characterised by volatile financial markets, uncertainty, low interest rates and concerns about growth even in some so called “growth” markets. At a time when banks’ balance sheets are stretched and their ability to lend is constrained, businesses need to be able to access global capital markets to secure the finance that will allow them to grow.

Whether they are publicly listed, have tradable debt or are just considering raising money, companies have to devise a strong narrative which can appeal to a wide range of investors. At Newgate we know that investors are more sensitive than ever to news, comment and changes in the political and regulatory environment, so you need advice on the whole range of possible political and regulatory risks.

Demands for increasing disclosure and guidance require consultants with the experience that spans the full continuum of capital markets communications including: investor relations, financial media relations, buy-side and sell-side outreach, regulatory, transaction-related consultancy (M&A, IPOs and restructuring), and crisis communications and litigation support, in home markets and globally.

Financial communications require intelligence and experience, which is why all our programmes are undertaken by Partners and senior advisers working directly with you.  They allow you to read the market mood as well as the numbers.

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