We drive ‘everyday insight’ by creating and curating the most topical, relevant statistics and trending content or by acting as a barometer for what entire communities feel around a current topic or brand.

We pair best-in-class analysts, content creators, paid media specialists and strategists with a suite of market-leading insight technology across social listening, influencer mapping and consumer insight. 

We have invested in a host of technological applications and solutions that gives as truly in-depth insight into the views and behaviour that matters.

We develop campaigns based on foundations of our own research whether it be from data sources, our own analytical tools or simply getting out there and talking to the desired target audience.

We make sure that our clients’ strategies have the very best chance of being successful and delivering the results they expect first time.

Digital, whether that be strategy, content, analytics or creative, is the glue that connects our agency teams together to form the ‘red thread’ of our integrated thinking. 

Our activities include:  influencer marketing, using key leaders to drive your brand's message to the larger market; content marketing, which involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts); measurement and research, to help build programmes that will achieve the results you need; and marketing automation, using specialist tools and chat bots present significant opportunities for mass communications at traditionally lower cost.

Key Contacts

Neil Kleiner

Neil Kleiner

Partner and Strategic Director of Digital

> Neil specialises in practical digital and social media strategy whilst helping clients make the most out of key communications trends and innovations.