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Ann Marie Stephenson

Meet Ann Marie Stephenson

Ann Marie heads up the HR function at Porta, having spent more years than she cares to remember working at a senior level in the HR and graduate recruitment teams of various City law firms and blue chip companies.

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Ann Marie is responsible for Porta’s HR strategy and for providing advice on all people-related matters. Outside work, Ann Marie loves music, books, football and her family, although not necessarily in that order. She is a keen singer and enjoys music festivals and jetting off to foreign climes.

One final piece of advice about getting a job here: never, ever, call her ‘Anne’.

Personally?  I am proud of my two kids (obviously).  Professionally?  I enjoy working with a company packed full of engaged, talented and opinionated people, even if it does feel like herding cats sometimes.  

Ann Marie Stephenson

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